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1986 Zimmer Quicksilver

Body Coupe
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2.8 V6
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Red
Interior Color Red
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
Very rare Zimmer Quicksilver coupe neon classic car.
Beautiful original special coupe, probably the only one in the Netherlands.
Production worldwide: only 170.
V6 automatic, wire wheels.
Basic price at the time: $ 48,000 to $ 52,000.
Almost twice the price as the Cadillac Eldorado of that time, and therefore very exclusive.
If desired, delivered with a Dutch license plate.
As a Quicksilver owner, you are in good company: Hulk Hogan, Liberace, Frank Sinatra,
Dolly Parton, Sly Stallone, the King of Jordan, the Prime Minister of Kuwait and Willie Nelson drove one too.