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1969 Intermeccanica Italia

€ 149900

Body Convertible
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 351 cu V8
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Black
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
€ 149.900
The Intermeccanica Italia is like a pizza Hawaï, It’s Italian but not entirely. This car was introduced in 1966 and went down a very complex path. To begin with, Intermeccanica was established by Jack Griffith, an in Canada domiciled Hungarian who moved later to Italy. His purpose was to built a purebred italian sportscar powered by a solid and reliable american engine. He hired John Crosthwaite in, chassisdesigner for among other things Formula 1 and Indy 500 cars from that time, to develop a tubular frame fort he Italia. A whopping 14 ‘griffith’-badged Intermeccanica’s were built before the autobuilder found itself in a financial difficult situation. Steve Wilder took over the project and the car was now named ‘Omega’. Only 33 Omega’s were built before Credito Italiano took over the project and name dit ‘Torino’, called after the city it was built in. If you thought the name changing story ends here, you’re wrong. Ford had a trademark on the name ‘Torino’ wherefor Intermeccanica rebatched their cars to ‘Italia’. In total only 411 examples were built, and today is unknown how many of them are left. An excessively unique beast so.

Anyway, under the hood of this Italian sports car lays a Ford Windsor 351 cubic inch V8-motor. 355hp is sent tot he rear wheels through the manual four-speed gearbox . The Intermeccanica Italia is seen as the best from two worlds: Italian purity combined with American reliability. This cars reaches a topspeed of 250km/h and shoots like an arrow from 0-100km/h in 6.2 seconds, which was very -read amazingly- fast back then.

This offered Italia from 1969 finds itself unrestored in perfect condition. The engine runs very well and sounds on top of that like an ‘American Muscle’. Besides that, the gearbox shifts as it should, smooth and flawless. This authentic black Italia founds it way to our showroom after a whopping 43.318 sporty and mostly loud km’s. Because of its unique story and low production numbers this ‘Italia’ is a real collectors item.

This ultra rare Intermeccanica Italia is now aviable at Rock ’N Roll Classics.