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1937 Rolls-Royce 25/30 Mann Egerton Saloon GUN28

£ 32500

Body Saloon
Odometer miles
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color White and black
Interior Color Grey
Upholstery Leather
An attractive saloon, of handsome proportions, with gently dropping waistline and sliding sunroof. The car is in clean and smart condition, finished in soft ivory to the side panels and boot, the remainder in black, including the waistline moulding and the full set of Ace wheel discs, all enhanced by its correct and impressive set of P100 headlights and long trumpet chrome horns. The two-way split boot lid incorporates two storage compartments for tools, and an inner lid, allowing a luggage trunk to be fitted. The rear compartment has vanity mirrors each side, drop down picnic tables and a clock behind the division, and all four doors have swivelling quarter lights. Running nicely, and although driving well, the car currently has cylinder head problems, which may or may not need attention soon. This is allowed for in the price, but as an option we can fit a brand new cylinder head at cost price, which is approximately £9,000, including fitting and VAT. Please call for details.

Chassis No. GUN28 Reg. No. DYU 26

Snippets: Russian Financier, Universal Prefabs & A Breach of Promise!
Maurice Bartholomew Bloom was described as a “financier of Russian nationality” he was also an architect whose works included Marine Gate & Courtney Gate in Brighton – the latter of which was requisitioned during WWII. Maurice & Sarah had 4 sons Jack, Sidney, Robert & Basil; in 1938 Basil & Jack changed their surname from Bloom to Bartholomew by deed-poll. Basil joined 92 Sqn on the 28th August 1941 and just 20 days later his Spitfire AB915 was shot down over the English Channel – he didn’t survive. Maurice didn’t own GUN28 for long as within a year the car had become the property of Evelyn Hurden whose companies Universal Housing Co Ltd and the Universal Asbestos Manufacturing Co Ltd specialised in producing the Universal Prefab houses which were constructed of asbestos and made affordable accommodation. There are no known lived in examples of these prefabs in the UK unless you count those lived in by cats or chickens! After Evelyn’s death in 1943 the car was acquired by a member of the Leach photographic family of Brighouse in Yorkshire. The founder of this now 4th generation firm was Arthur Holdsworth Leach (1871/1938) who in 1893 became engaged to a Miss Anne Crowther, teacher and keeper of Arthur’s accounting records. In 1896 he broke off the engagements as he had heard of a conversation in which she was derogatory to her own mother and he claimed that he could not marry a woman in whom he had not the fullest confidence! Miss Crowther sued him for a Breach of Promise – the jury awarded her the sum of £150, which would be circa £20,000 today! Three years later Arthur married Amy Stocks whose father Alexander Stock was Mayor of Brighouse from November 1907 to November 1909.