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1962 Alfa-Romeo 2600 Touring Spider

€ 129500

Body Convertible
Odometer 6615 kms
Fuel type Petrol
Engine 2.6L
Transmission Manual
Exterior Color Silver metallic
Interior Color Black
Upholstery Leather
Steering Lhd
Introduced in 1962, the Alfa Romeo 2600 traces its origins back to the earlier 2000 (which was a 1958 update of the venerable 1900). However, the 2600 had something which earlier models lacked : a double-overhead camshaft six-cylinder engine which gave it smoothness, flexibility, and a top speed of 200 kph. This 2.6-liter engine fit neatly into the same engine compartment as the 2000’s four-cylinder and had been developed from the Giulietta engine, suggesting that the designers had a six-cylinder in mind for the model from the start. Styling was also Giulietta-derived, as the 2600 added single-piece bumpers, built-in driving lights, and a single air intake perched near the front of the elongated hood.

The 2600 was fitted with a smooth five-speed gearbox and also featured four-wheel disc brakes—a first for street Alfa Romeos. It was offered as a sharp-edged berlina sedan, which was styled in-house, a Bertone-penned coupe, which was one of Giorgetto Giugiaro’s first designs, and the handsome 2600 spider by Touring. In comparison to the smaller Giulietta and then Giulia, the 2600 was a high-speed cruiser, or grand routiere, suitable for a quick and comfortable jaunt down to the south of France for a weekend. Only 2255 examples of the 2600 Touring Spider were produced between 1962 and 1965, which makes it a very rare Alfa Romeo.

The example we are offering for sale is in beautiful restored condition. The engine and gearbox are completely overhauled by LMB Racing in the beginning of 2021, and this car is 100% ready to be enjoyed by a new owner. The classic colour combination of Silver metallic with a black leather interior suits the car really well, and shows the elegant lines of the Touring styled body perfectly. The Alfa Romeo has a Belgian registration.
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