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201 Pryor Creek Road
Lebanon, Nashville
TN 37090 United States
In 1976, while sitting out a semester of college in Santa Barbara, CA, Jeff Frazier happened to notice how many British cars were buzzing up and down the California freeways in the middle of January. Austin Healey, Jaguar, and MG cars were frequently spotted with their tops down, their drivers taking full advantage of the California sun. These same cars were buried under snow in his hometown of Kansas City, MO. This gave him an idea. Jeff bought a $99 Greyhound ticket home to Missouri, bought an Austin Healey 100-6, drove it back across the country in the middle of winter, and sold it immediately. He quickly realized this was a great way to make a living while paying for tuition and books. Plus, he got to play with sportscars. After seven years of buying and selling classic cars throughout college, he decided he wasn’t ready to enter the corporate world and continued on what would become his life path. During the summers he had worked at an MG and Jaguar dealership, this experience eventually led him to open his own store, Kansas City Sportscars, an independent Porsche and Mercedes store. He also returned to buying and selling his first love, British cars. He spent the eighties trading Aston Martins, Austin Healeys, Jaguars, MGs, and Triumphs throughout the United States and Europe. He began to acquire Italian product, as well. Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo cars were making appearances among his inventory. What had once been a way to pay for college, had now become a full blown international European Sportscar business. In the mid-nineties, Jeff and his wife moved with their two children to Colorado, where they would spend the next 15 years, and have two more children. In Colorado, Jeff opened Rocky Mountain Autosport. Here he continued to buy and sell European examples internationally but focused primarily on Porsches. The alpine terrain also allowed for a few more European models to show up in his inventory. Volvos and Saabs were now making themselves at home among the Porsches and Mercedes, and his two oldest children received the safe and reliable Swedish examples for their 16th birthdays. After selling Rocky Mountain Autosport, Jeff plunged into trading all European models, nationally and internationally. From an exceptionally rare Bugatti with a fascinating history to the Missoni design family’s Mercedes, his work with rare and esoteric models was a significant as his work with Porsches and Jaguars. In 2007, he hired his eldest child, Caitlin, to assist him in his sales. His path became hers, as well, and she familiarized herself with the business side of these exceptional vehicles. In 2010, Jeff and his family moved to Nashville, TN to support his oldest son’s music career. Jeff and Caitlin worked selling vintage European selections at Music City Motorsport in the heart of Nashville for 6 years. Finally, in 2016, they decided they’d prefer to move their business to the countryside outside of Nashville to be closer to their homes in Lebanon, and to give their customers a chance to enjoy their inventory out on country roads. Frazier Motorcar Company officially opened its doors in 2017 in Lebanon, TN, 30 minutes East of Nashville. With over 40 years’ experience, over 4000 air cooled Porsche cars, and hundreds of British, German, Italian, and Swedish models, Jeff truly has an undying passion for these vehicles. He still specializes in vintage European examples and has two warehouses full of these beautiful automobiles at his boutique. Make an appointment to see this extraordinary showroom, the result of 4 decades of enthusiasm and hard work.

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