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Viale XI Febbraio 44
Bassano del grappa,
36061 Italy
Top Marques was born in 2006, from an idea of who, passionate and enthusiast, was dreaming to transform that passion in a job and in a place where to gather all together the most beautiful cars in the world, particularly uncommon makes and models. We initially looked for inspiration in England, a.k.a. sport cars world epicenter, homeland of many small handcrafted manufacturers with incredible technical and inventive capacities such as Lotus, Marcos, Mosler and the legendary TVR. Our little town Bassano del Grappa had never seen cars like that, bodyworks that would give thrilling emotions, generous engines both in terms of size and power. Cars like TVR Tuscan and Sagaris, or the Morgan, were the first ones to appear in what would have soon become one of the most admired showcases around. Seeing them all together there, it was like to transplant a heart inside of what used to be a simple bus depot, and from the moment that the people heard its heart beats it has been a pandemonium. The news was leaping out from one side of Bassano to the other and for the car enthusiasts it became a place where to breath “PURE OXYGEN”. It is with this philosophy that was born Top Marques, a meeting point dedicated to enthusiasts of enormous amounts of power and big engine capacities with an unique appeal.

Specialism : (classic) Car trading

We speak : English, Italian