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The origin of our company dates back to 1957, when we started as a local garage in Alphen aan den Rijn. When Hans Bezemer took over the family business in 1976, he started collecting classic cars. When he passed away in 2007, the collection contained over 230 cars and several classic bikes. From this we started with our “Real Art on Wheels” philosophy. We believe in heritage and preservation. Bodie Hage grew up in the collection of Hans Bezemer. At a young age, his passion for classic cars was encouraged by Hans Bezemer. While accompanying him to many motoring events, concours d’elegances and trips visiting other collectors, Bodie developped a great eye for quality. Seen so many different cars, he has a widely developped taste: you can make him happy with highly original cars and modern sports cars. Bodie holds a degree in accounting from Nyenrode Business University and is a registered appraiser of historic vehicles (Federatie TMV). Gaby Bezemer started with offering limousine service in the early 1990s. Her company was the first to rent out chauffeur-driven stretch limousines in The Netherlands. She sold the company successfully in 2004. After she sold the company, she shared the passion for classic cars with her late husband Hans Bezemer and was director at Bezemer Taxi Services. She is often attending classic car events and enjoys driving her classic Porsche at the country side. Wessel van der Laan has over 25 years of experience in the historic and classic car world. He is a highly knowledgeable mechanic. He oversees and manages all restoration projects, maintenance and (international) car transports. In his rare spare time he can’t keep the hands of his tools and love working or restoring one of his old Ducati’s.

Specialism : (classic) Car trading

We speak : English, German, Dutch