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1965 Bentley S3

Body Saloon
Odometer 89658 miles
Fuel type Petrol
Transmission Automatic
Exterior Color Blue metallic
Interior Color Blue
Upholstery Leather
Steering Rhd
VIN B 124 HN
Coachbuilder: Rolls-Royce
Chassis number: B 124 HN
Engine number: BHN62.

This Bentley S3 #B124HN is a representative of the last generation of Bentleys with a separate chassis. The standard saloon coach with its twin head lamps and slightly lowered bonnet and grille is considered one of the most attractive and elegant cars ever made by the factory.
The car was ordered new by Mr M. MacDonald of Comet (Manchester) Ltd in Golborne, Lancashire, England. He specified several very special features, such as electric windows, UD.2161 lamps to each door pillar, combined parking and blinking lights, a door with lock to the driver’s cubby hole, an extra roof light between the sun visors, a mirror to both sides vent frame, a mirror to the driver’s sun visor in addition to the one fitted to the passenger’s, a safety belt to each front seat, and USA type overriders. A former owner mounted a S3 Continental type of dashboard with a rev counter and four separate gauges for ampere, oil pressure, water temperature and fuel level. From August 1973 the car resides in The Netherlands where its first owner owned it for dozens of years.

This Bentley S3 is in very good condition. It has just completed a major service. Additional proceedings and replaced parts were: engine oil and filter replaced, inlet valve and outlet valve seals replaced, petrol filter cleaned and gaskets replaced, gearbox oil and gasket replaced and filter cleaned, drive shaft seal ring replaced, spark plugs replaced and ignition adjusted, power steering oil and filter replaced, exhaust completedly replaced, master cylinder front and rear wheels overhauled, all brake hoses replaced, brake servo overhauled and brake fluid replaced, several valve tappets replaced, horn high and low tone replaced, all anti-roll bar rubbers replaced, coolant replaced, and new Dutch MOT.